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New Electronics for Christmas??

By: City of Grapevine

Need to get rid of the old electronics to make room for the new? How about old or non-working Christmas lights? Consider recycling them at our City drop off location in the parking lot of the Animal Control Shelter at 502 Shady Brook Drive (across from the Municipal Service Center). Look for the large blue container to recycle your electronics. The green container next to it can take any recyclable item that you would normally put in your curbside recycle bin.

Below are other recycling options that can help you start off the New Year in an environmentally friendly fashion!

Batteries: Buy rechargeable batteries when you can. Keep used batteries in a plastic container and dispose of them at a City recycling event or any Interstate Battery location. Wrapping Paper: Reuse gift bags or gift wrapping when possible. Tearable/Non-mylar wrapping paper may be recycled. Packing materials: Use shredded paper when possible. Reuse Styrofoam or recycle clean, white Styrofoam at any City recycling event or it may be taken to Foam Fabricators (900 Keller Parkway, Suite 101, Keller - 817.379.6520). Christmas Lights: Old or damaged Christmas lights may be recycled at the Electronics Recycling Container in the Animal Shelter parking lot (502 Shady Brook Drive). Cardboard: Cardboard boxes may be broken down and placed out for curbside recycling. Large amounts of cardboard may be brought to the Single Stream Recycling Container also located in the Animal Shelter Parking lot (502 Shady Brook Drive). Please contact the Citys Environmental Services Division 817.410.3330 with any questions you might have regarding recycling this holiday season! RETHINK THIS HOLIDAY BY REDUCING, RECYCLING AND REUSING!

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